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I have hard to believe that this movies similarities with Rockman Neo where sub-concious. Same music, same graphics. A story that nothing really happens in.

It's cool allright

I think it looks TOO much like Rockman Neo though. Good graphics.

Not great.

Not great at all. Jokes where bad and scenes where too short.

It sucked

Well, pretty cool graphics, but this just sucked. I don't know, spritemovies just don't attract me, especially when they are not very original, innovative or funny. This for example looked like a ripoff of one of Randy Solems MK spriteflashes.

Helloboogle responds:

Did you even see the hand drawn flash I added after the sprite movie? Check that out. Also, I gave credit to Randy Solems' MK sprite flash, and paid hommage to his GREAT MK SMOKE OUTTAKES. READ THE AUTHOR COMMENTS.

Mycket imponerad ^_^

Grafiken är mycket snygg... minst sagt intressenta karaktärer. Har nog aldrig sett folk med två munnar förut :) Kul att du också har gjort typ färgpenns skisser som bakrunder.

Historien är intressant. Verkar som du har tagit mycket tid att utvecka den. Dock blev jag lite besviken i slutet, den slutade lite väl konstigt och abrupt.

Ljudet funkar fint. Bra röster, även fast man ibland kunna höra lite mikrofon brus. Musiken var bra och passade bra, stort plus att du gör din musik själv.

sist men inte minst: Vad kul med lite mer svenskt på NG, särskilt när det är så här bra!

McRhyme responds:

Ja... heja Sverige!

I agree with SupaDupaNerd...

This is seriously one of the worst exuses for a top 5 i've ever seen. Who in goods name would be intreseted of the life of a Koopa called Gordon?! Kind of cool ifd it was about Gordon Freeman though :)

Also graphics sucked since sprites and everything was stolen. Sound was okay, but stoloen too. Very boring. I really don't know why this possibly would earn anything other then a big fat 0. Lucky for you NG users have some sort of NES fetish, Even if it's strange since most NG users didn't even live when NES was popular.

Good Day


You clcoks are such idiots... Not very fun. Mediocre graphics.

Splendid graphics...

But not much too it. Very short, nothing did happen, It was only a pointless preview witch you saw that chick. I don't know maybe next time meke it more intense, like shooting...

If you have keep these graphics to the series and make a decent plot to it.. you might acctually have something.

Good voiceacting

The BushBash series is just getting better and better, (even if the Jeopardy episode was a bit better) I like how you had a theme for every episode. Very good lipsynching and great voiceacting. Once again, unfortunatly, the charaters are ok drawn, but they are to "stiff". Like you could have different angels of their head, sholdn't tthe costumers be looking to the one they are buying from? It really looks awkward when they are walking, they are haveing their heads turned in a strange way...The graphics are, as i said, ok but it also looks wierd since the graphics have different "styles", like the moneymachine looks different from the other stuff. Like you have took it from somewhere else and pated it into your file.

A cool movie for 535 KB Is what I think.

Very cool graphics and sound, first I thought it was just another stupid preview, but it really was not... It acctually had some redeeming quilities. I think the movie will be really good.


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