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Damn I mean that really is a great movie, the music was good and it was really intruging to watch the whole thing. Great animation also, and the stle felt pretty unique. Sadly thats it. I really wanted something more out of the flash, like a real message. This flash is visually almost perfect, but in my opinion the backroung and script was a bit poor.

Good graphics.

I'm pretty dissapointed this was just a preview/ trailer. Honestly, I'm sick of them. It was nicely made, however it was pretty much cliché too. Forbidden love, an epic battle. I also fund it abit strange how you seemed to mix the themes of medieval and present time.

The best thing with this movie are the graphics and the overall layout of the movie. The graphics were exellent, somehow it reminded me of Ben Spurgins work. The way it was made really made me wanna await the real thing.

ess-jay-arr responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean, I hate seeing trailers on here too, but it's liek I said, I wouldn't have submitted it, but I needed the feedback for college. As for it being clichéd... you're so right. ='( That's why I said I wasn't proud of it... I had such big ideas for a meaningful story that really made a statement, then I crapped out a typical action movie trailer. =P

As for mixing medieval and present time, that was purposeful. The story is actually set in a fantasy world, but I didn't want to use elaborate fantasy costume... I won't write out my whole project. =P

I dunno who Ben Spurgin is, but I'm gonna look him up after this. Anyway, thanks for reviewing. =)


That is great graphics indeed, but I get the idea that your splendid graphics and having Sonic was the only reason for this having such a good score. I like original stuff more then ppl that steal concepts and characters too.This is not original at all, I really got the feeling that this was trying to copy Sonic X Chaotic Battle.

This trailer was a bit boring really, the characters really were just running and you didn't get a real idea what the real thing would be about. The NG mag Alphas is for pointless trailers like this one.

Doom-Fox responds:

I can't edit my alpha for this. I don't know why.

Pretty enjoyable

Pretty good flash dude. Concept wasn't exactly original, I could se alot of insdpiration from Xiao Xioa and Ringfinger, but I do think you got some great flash skills here and I found lots of creativity too in terms of discovering the elements of flash and experimenting. For example the text in the beggining, I had no idea how you did that. I also liked the 3D effects when the character was spinning around Even though the movements of the character were realitively realistic and animation was smooth I did find the layout a bit dull. Like it would be better if you had more shading and shadows, maybe you could have used photoshopped pictures for backgrounds etc. Soundeffects were allright and was in good synch in the Flash, however I miss a some good soundtrack.

Thats it?

Well the animation wasn't bad, just a bit short and the concept isn't exactly new...


Just becuase someonw has a famous name doesnt necessarily mean it's good. This flash cartoon is very very poor in every aspect, I hated the pixels and the flash was extremely short and pointless. Music was annoying and clearly I had no idea what you guys were spoofing.


That was allright, the idea behinf it is good. It could be longer though, the joke was maybe a bit cheap. I also feel like this just has a good score becuase it's Sonic. After all this is not original stuff, nothing really is, but after all you did steal the characters (as you did mention).

Graphics were cool, I liked their facial expressions but I thought the characters could be more deatailed, like have different colortones in their skin.

Good stuff

That was actually allright. The title really intrigues me, and I found this cheap but still entertaining. Graphics were abit eric sullivanish, and has a original tone to it but it still needs finetuning. Good voiceacting and pretty funny.

That was like... Pretty good

Hey not bad dude. Great effort with the frame-by-frame artwork and I liked the concept overall. Pretty good music too, I just thought it would be good with some nice colors and some sort of story or atleast thought behnd it. Keep flashing.

MrBigStick responds:

thanks, man. i'm a big fan of your work, and apparently you're not an easy person to please. so i've done well.

The guy's got skills for sure.

Truly an amazing preview. Great intensity, great music, and absolutely adoreble graphics.

However, previews are and will always be utterly pointless. Why didn't you do the real thing instead??


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