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I dunno, I guess It's a solid puzzle game, the only problem is it's just not funny. And too hard. I wish you could see the little picture in the window when yo where where doing your puzzle.

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Puzzle and Flash doesn't match.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Um its a puzzle how is it gonna be funny, maybe the last one of foamy is kinda funny, but a puzzle is more of a memory style game, and yes thease are hard but i didnt mean for them to be easy, anyways thanks for the revoew...



U don't suck in actionscripting, most people are a lot worse then you. You got a great start. The games, at least the first one looked cool. Just contact people in the BBS if you want to find a actionscripter to help you.

halycon responds:

Thanks, I tried the bbs, especially in that 'actionscript codes here' topic, but to no avail, I think alot of the poeple form the portal dont hang in the bbs, so maybe someone will see it here and want to team up with me..


He man this must be one of the best 30 k adventures i have ever played. Great graphics and quite fun.


Got piece of work, you german hentai pervert =). I really enjoyed mysef. Make a longer one, wich you can save your game, and that you can go to different cities to. Also have more music choices. More of this!

Solid game

Reall, solid, fun game. The game style is not very original, but it's a really cool concept, with a bucket o knives killing Jack o Lanterns. Great graphics, like when you slices them ol pumpkins!

It's fun that you americans love Haloween so much. I hardly doesn't celebrate it. Also nice to see a girl that can acctually make cool games :]


It really seems like a cool game. But I just didn't feel like I could control my character.

Cool GTA lookin game

Well cool game just. See you have worked your ass of programmang this. Good graphics and good style and great gamingexperience. Maybe it's just to obvious that the idea is taken from GTA.

I don't like that you can walk under the car, like it wasn't there. When I was driving I could occasionally drive through vechicles. Also when I ran over a pedestrian, the whole game fugged up. I try not too sound too harsh, but you might want to change that, if you really want to make your game perfect.

Too hard

I must say that I lied yor other game, Baloon Hunter, more. This was a bit to hard. I find it hard bot to aim, choose power0 and walk in the same time...

Can't say I liked it.

I don't know the graphics where ok, but they could have been done a lot better. Voices where ok also, but on hte lower scale of the barometer. Try too have real jokes so ├Żou can laugh at the damn thing too =) Also the game itself is too repedetive and you doesn't get anywhere in the different episodes, if you see what I mean.

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Not too great.

Kind of good

I would have given it a much higher score if it didn't look like a crappy ripoff of EhFilms "Found Lost" though. Drawings where good and I see you have tried to make a fair deal of makeing it look good. Just keep trying!

Blazed1987 responds:

Its halloween So Its scaring time :P


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