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Very nice

Great idea. Sonic is my hero. Very unsual but still brilliant way to use sprites.

It's almost chrismas! Yay!

I really like the idea, It's really simple, but I haven't seen it before. Nice, cartoony graphics and I like the music, well atleast gives the right feeling. Also nice you had the "snowing"-option. I would have liked it a bit better if there was more stuff though, and then I mean more stuff for the face.

Voted 5

Kinda nice

I like the simplicity of the game. Ok graphics and muisic.

I feel like this game could be very much improved. The major problem with the game is the controls are really bad. It's hard to gain control of the character, It seems like the gravity is all wrong! Some more lives would in my opinion also only do good.

splitting-headache responds:

yes lots of ppl said it would be better with lives... but i didnt want to look into that for i was already messin with stuff i didnt really understand in the first place :S but it all turned out quite nice

Great concept

I really liked this, great style. Very nice drawings too. I really liked when you shot those skeletons. And very good music.

One thing that I don't like is the "ball and the cones"- part. I was wrong, and then I had too start from the very beggining. I think It would be better if you could try again...


"Bat and mouse" is a great dea for a game and I'm glad yu took the time to improve it. I really like how there was different weapons, even though It would look better if the gun had the same graphics as the other stuff. (Not just a pixely gif).

SD-Syndicate responds:

Just For You Kospas Ive Changed The Gun ;), And Ive Also Added Sum Sounds For When The Ikkle Fella Eats The Cheese. And Thanks For The Votes Everyone, Your Making Me A Very Proud Fellow :) Long Live The Mouse, Until You Play The Game That Is, Hehe 50 Seconds Max Maybe?

An ok start

It just needs a lot of improvement. The game is very glichy, I could very seldom press the "continue" button, and instead I had to press play manually. Graphics needs improvement too. The gun looked a bit crappy and so did the soldiers.

Also the game idea is ok I guess. I really found the grenade part very funny, but the fact that the people you shoot cannot shoot back makes it very boring. I reall doesn't make it a challenge, and and I'm not sure if you actually could call it a game...

Yay! Franky is back! And Wario is the pimp!

Once again a great piece of flash Wiesi. Great style of the entire game. It was just like GTA when you got to a new city. Nice with the firebrigade mission. Great music too...

I thought it was great!

Well maybe a bit too much text to read in the bggining, but the game is really fun. I like the idea of puchasing stuff.

Seemed to have a few bugs though; Even If I had the cash I couldn't buy walls. I also diden't like how the cannon fuggd up and you couldn't occasionally control it.

Still a very good job. Definatly derves a higher score... BTW I would strongly recommend music and soundeffects for your next time.

Nomatter how good they are...

I'm not a big fan of soundboards. This one was above average though and Homer Is a perfect character to make sounds with. I liked "No my cookie" and "Mail it's the mail" most.

All my 5 R Belongs to this!

Very good engine, and a really nice idea too.
Good graphics and sound too. I guess It would be funnier with more levels, but this was just a demo, right?

Ryaareet2000 responds:

Yes its just a work in progress. These peopl e who complain about glitches just dont understand the development process. Thanks for the score.


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