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It's allright

Pretty ok game i guess. On the other hand not funny for more then 5 minutes, gets to repetetive. Nice idea though.


If your are going to make a dressup game, then atleast have goodgraphics in it. And have music in it.

Great improvement

Nice game, great improvement from the first one. I like how you took the advice of making pictures that looked like something instead of the wierd shapes that the first one was built up with.

I also liked how the levels differed from each other, like there were both pictures of the buildings, then one that looked like your desktop edited in photoshop. A lot of the pictures looked like pintings in a gallery ;). I got mayorly surprised when I saw the moving stars and maracas levels- really great idea with moving pictures!

The game's problem is though that If you lose you have to try again right from the start. Even If I tried severeal times, I just couldn't get through the photoshop image i was talking about.

And yes, I'm sorry, but I did find a way to cheat, therefore I could look at all the levels.

On a whole it's a very good game, proplably one of the best in it's kind made in flash.

BTW have you noticed you are on the, I think top 30 reviews on NG?

stay funky maracasman ;)

Bezman responds:

Thanks! :)

The collection of lines for the first version was just to get it submitted asap and show of my 'engine' to people and see if they liked the idea. :)

A friend commented about restarting a while ago, and I'm going to make it so you have continues.

I knew about being able to cheat, but I didn't really consider it a problem at the time, as it's not as if there's a high score table or anything, so if you want to go into the right-click menu to see all the pictures, that's up to you.

Printings in a gallery? Wow! Thanks!

I think I'll be able to do more with moving/changing pictures - I'll have to explore it sometime...

I'm not actually aware of any other Flash versions of Spot the Difference, so the lack of competition probably helps me a lot. ;)

I'm on the top 30 reviews? Not sure what you mean by that...

Thanks for another useful review. :)

Stay funky? I'll do my best!

It's ok

I really like the character. Fun for 1 minute or two I guess. And the different moves are well done and looks good. Ok music too. (I mentioned that 3 of them where made by swedish artists)


Great game. Really simple but yet so challenging and addictive.

Oh yeah and in your Authors comments, don't use a capital letter for every word.


I'm not a big fan of the YAFM series but this was so damn funny! Haha, a great idea, great graphics ;) and great voiceacting.


I thought It seemed too have a lot of though to it. Ok graphics, but this really isn't a too great flash. Music gets extremely annoying, and in my opinion you get bored with so much reading.

Also, the flash really seemed unfinished, like when he grabbed the guns, it acctually looked like his arms where flying and wasn't attached to his body.

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Nothing extraordinary...


I agree...

This game is like the best snowboardgame on the web. Seriously adictive!


You definatly have skil in making games in flash. I feel like this has a really good engine, but is not flawless. Very little ca nbe done to to improve this however. The biggest problem is that the ball keeps on rolling too long even if you putt is very weak. Also, it's very hard occasionally to see the how the ground looks like. You should also keep the maximum stroke to 7 balls, isn't that standard?

At last, the soundeffects worked great, but you really should get some better music! ;)

cool thingy

Well made flash. Nice jokes, they made me smile :). It was occasionally hard to figure out wtf Wade said, half of the joke where lost there. For next time I strongly suggest subtitles.

Kind of crappy, but still solid graphics, intentionally and I am sure (I liked Wade's shirt though. Wade's lipsynching also worked fine. Above all a nice concept.

I think I know where you got the audio: TEXT TO WAV GENERATOR, by Wolvie. The reason why I noticed this was because I made a very similar flash myself- I used exact the same audiosource in my movie "NG HeadQuarters" to make fun with NG staff. I am not accusing you for theft or anything, It's just wierd...

halycon responds:

Hehe , thanks, I used the AT&T Text 2 Speech demo for his voice, it makes very nice clear voices, although some are hard to make out, its hell of a lot better then the speakonia one... Thanks for the review


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