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It's ok

I liked it. Graphics and sound is good and tecnically it's a very good game. I really gets a bit boring and repetetive after a while though. I don't like the controls either, would be better if it was controlled by the keyboard.

Ok game

An ok quiz I guess, but I didn't like that when It was wrong I didn't get to know the right answer. Also, It was pretty dumb questions, just becuase someone suck at actionscripting or knows absolutely everything about the programme they doesn't have to suck at flash...

It didn't exactly suck..

This movie wasn't very good, but it didn't suck either. It acctually has a plot, and even if drawing where bad I could see there where some effort in creating them. The animation though, went too slow, I would also recommend you too "cut their limbs in half" (have two layer instead of one for every limb). I liked your interactivity, always nice when you can choose you own adventure.


Very nice flick man. I liked your graphics, and It was kinda fun and I the facial expressionm of the character getting hurt were great. The sounds were nice too. I also liked how you could choose your path in the beggining.

Solid game

I liked this game. The graphics looked really good, I definatly liked the looks of the gun and I liked when you walked around.

I can see you worked your butt of this, and the engine of the game is sweet. More ammoboxes, and more guns would be recommended though, ad sometimes I couldn't see the enemy.


Seriously I loved this game. Great concept, art and solid gaming, even though some of the people could take a bit too much damage.

I can't imagine how much effort you have spawned into this project, and you earn every five you get, including mine.

Definatly respectable

I really like this game, fun to play and I like the whole concept of it. Great graphics and I like the music too. I like how you can swim under the water too.

The main problem ith the game to me though is the controls. I think it's kinda hard to gain control over the hippo. You have a system similar to "Snake", which says: up arrow= goes up, down arrow= goes down, and so forth.

The game in my opinion would me much funnier if the engine was like a drivinggame, for example up= forward, rightarrow= goes left.

Nice work though.

You must havce taken lots a w33d ;)

Great game, a very original concept witch I find very attractive. Great graphics and I love that music. A little stressing, but It's only fun when It's a challenge.

It's funnie!

Mad libs is a great idea, and a really fun gadget.

Seems unfinished

The engine seems be to fine... I liked the graphics, It reminded me of Half-Life. Sound was okay, but I don't think that african drums fitts really well.

I think you should have a "Back to main Menu" button. I didn't really like how the corshair could go under the actual gun too.
Also recommended that the enemies can damage your health. I think that If you made this into a real adventuregame, I would kick ass.

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