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Nice game

I think It's the mouse problem though, It's often, which you indeed mentioned, that the mouse fuggs up. Also It's pretty hard to control your character. I would have liked It more if you only used the keyboard.

When I saw this in the portal it still had a score of 4.10- something. Then I look at it now and see the mere 3.37. It's all sad... It's a good game.

It didn't suck...

But it was all too wierd. I didn' like how on of the pads where controlled by the mouse, and the otherone was controlled by the arrow keys.

It was still fun.

Oh well

It isn't really that fun. It's more like you're clicking on stuff then shooting people. Gets boring real quick.

Too hard

Fun game synj Ilike the art. Personally I thnk it's a little to hard though


I really don't get the point of this game. I read the instructions but all i ever hear is that "You Missed!", "You Missed!" etc.

It's sad becuse the graphics are fine and It seems like a fun game.

A good game

I usually don't like sports games but this one is different. It's pretty fun, and challenging and you have to play a while to get the feeling for it.

Nice intro.

Too hard

MAke it much esaier! And why does there have to be one camera on every side. I'm unable to shoot them both. Irritating you have to drive on the grass to.

It reminded me much of the NES game Action Fighter. I would like it much more if you just flushed the "Shoot Camera"- theme down the toilet. Seriosly.


I really like this game. I liked the graphics. It's not god though that the first obstacles are unable to drive pass. And add more levels and cars.

I has a nice feeling to it. Not that many good driving games at NG and this one is one of the better.

A very nice dressup.

I liked that there where so many clothes. I missing some thongs though :P. Also nice you had to look for the girls.

Some of the chicks (espesicially 6th and 7th) had a bit pale skin. You might wanna change that.


I didn't like it that much. Just spaceship shooter. Nothing really original. Mostly I gave It a 2 because you're the author, Mappy.

io3creations responds:

Hmm. Actually, the game author is TutiTV. I just used Mappy's audio.

If you've known this, would you have given zero? That makes me sad :(
The game may not be 'Madness Interactive' but I think it at least deserves an Overall Rating of 4 of 10 - due to the amount work I put into it.
Anyways, peace out man.


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