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Pretty fun

This was an ok game and the concept is easy, yet very entertaining. Sometimes It seemed as if you could be a long distance from the lasers, yet you still died though.

Like a 2D GTA...

This is a very very good engine, I really liked the graphics and the gameplay is awesome. Can't wait tl this be a real game. Like a 2D GTA...

KoRRupt responds:

Thanks man. :) Glad you enjoyed...

Quite fun, but gets boring

Well the game itself was pretty good, engine is good and I really like the sounds of the different loops and they also go very good with eachother.

What I don't like with the game is that it gets very boring- Quick.


It was kinda fun at the start, but It gets boring very quick.

Great fun.

I realy enjoyed this. Very fun, and the gaming is solid. There seem to be some gravity problems though, if you see what I mean.

Very nice

Thiswas definatlya very respecteble flash.The gameplayplay was brilliant, yet simple. Graphicsare splendid. It's a work of art.


I lieked this, It was wierd I really have no idea how t worked, but I guess It have a scientific explenation. Fun!

Ok effort

The game is allright, but in my opinion the madness people have to much health nad the game is just very boring. I also doesn't like people that steal other people's characters.

GlockEH responds:

Fix ur grammar up first. And the game is going be changed.

Oh My Godness!

I must say. I really aint a big fan of spritemovies, since they are mostly pretty homo-erotic and made by some idiot that can't draw or animate properly. Also using sprite really isn't your own work, I mean you can make the sprites yourself, but you still steal the characters and their concept. I get the feeling that most spritemakers really just want to steal other peoples hard work and make it into their own.

I'm not calling you a theif though, I think you have made an exellent tribute to Sonic, rather rather then taking a free ride on his concept. It was not terribly huge, it was built up only with pictures and that wonderful music. Seeing me being the only one having a SEGA in my block, playing Sonic till my fingers bled this did bring back memories. It almost made my cry really. Greenhill Zone, Starlight Zone, Springyard Zone, Casinonight Zone, Metropolis... They are all there!

I do think that you could do so much more to improve this though. It would be quite better if you actually had some animation, and I personnaly think that it would look better if the pictures were faded under a black background. Heck, maybe if you have the skills you could also do something similar to the NG Museum- draw the pictures yourself in a stylish way, but still make fans recongnice themself.

Another thing I also missed with this was an accual "play button. It would be awsome if there were some sort of way that you could look at all the pictures from an acctual game in one seperate movie.

Thanks for making this movie. I really enjoyed it!

RegisCartoons responds:

Kospas, thank you for a great review ! I must say that not only those, who can't draw, is creating sprite movies. It's totally different styles. I agree that sprite movies isn't your work. Anyway, not everybody can make movie from sprites. Just compare Randy Solem with any other sprite movie creator. There is always a room for improvements. Maybe you are right about black background, but I won't change it know. Sorry. I enjoyed reading your review. Thank you ! Good luck. Sonic 4ever ! ;)

An ok game

These game's are all ok, but they really are all the same. Graphics needs some work, they really look traced and overall very stiff. Nice job on the voiceactings tho.


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