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That was a really original game. I liked it alot, but It also got a bit repetetive, and a bit too hard. Maybe cool idea would be too change the design of the classrooms. Another idea to make it a bit less monotone would be to have like a "half geek", that you could go to and only get the half much knolage. Just a thought.

The graphics were good, looked a bit like Stick RPG... The music was a bit too "stressful", and I would have liked it better if there acctually was some music during the tests. Infinite lives was very good.

Overall a nice game, with a uite unique idea...

Good I dea

Well I like the idea. But it just gets gets frustrating, seeing one mistake you have to start all over. The game itself isn't too fun... Sorry dude.

Yeowi responds:

Alot of people agreed with you. So in the sequel i inserted alot of other people's ideas.

Go ahead and give it a try. ^_^


I liked it. You definatly has skills in making games, and I liked how you had improved this from the first version. I liked the traps, it really made the game more challenging and exiting, even very hard on level 3. This also made the game a bit more original.

I thought this was kinda hard really, and I didn't like how you had to start over all the time, maybe you could choose a hard or easy setting, the last one with lesser traps or maybe even infinite lives.

Overall it's a good game and I had a good time playing it.

Goatchrist responds:

I like your ideas but...infinite lives? I don't know...thanks :)


It seems cool. Too bad my knowlages of RE are extremely limited. Anyway I would like if you acctually coud see what the right answer was, so that you coul dacctually learn something. I liked the graphics too.

EvilWilly responds:

One reason why you don't find out the answer is because of my limited amount of questions. Hopefully I'm gonna make an updated version with more features secrets, and a lot more questions. Thanks for the review man.

Is that it?!

Mmmm... That was a bit cool. I liked the drawings but it was to short and to pointless. You just shoot a couple of turkeys. Too much clicking in the beggining and they turkeys sounded horrible. It really wasn't that great.

I thought it was fun...

Well it's a really good game. I liked the concept and the mixture of shooting/adventure. One thing I didn't like was that the policemen didn't disappear, even if they where dead, if you still were shooting on them. Driving the plane was a bit hard, but great fun!

exfuga responds:

the cops do dissappear

I like it.

Well another very unique game again. I like the idea of being a deamon trying to catch lost souls. I would like this better if there acctually were some levels, and not just an infinite track, and I would like it if there were some sort of healthpacks, or even missiles or bombs that you could get. I like that you can jump over stuff. The graphics are fine, I wouldn't call them good, but it isn' essntial to a game like this. Soundeffects works fine, but the musicloops are to short and gets really annoying.

Nice Job.

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks kospas. I always like to see your constructive critics. I'll keep them in my mind :)

Fun, but not original

Well the game is very well done. The graphics and music is good, and the game is techincally great. What I miss is the originality, there are about a thosand games like thisone allready on NG, and you have done nothing to make it an inch unique. What I mena is that you can use this engine, but I think that some more original idea would boost your score.

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks for the critics kospas, I'm already working on a second part which will be alot different and more original :)

2nd Best shooter on NG

This game game is fucking cool. Great style and I love the graphics. I love the MAtrix Scene in the end too...


Tecnically this is the same as v1, just with a little more stuff. I though this had better graphics though, and I liked the fact that santa could smoke. How about you could change the scale of the snowballs yourself? I think that your clothes look like skirts acctually, and I don't like this. I liked the snowoption and how it first came a little snow and then came more.


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