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I really liked your drawings, and the style is great. The voices of the characters were a bit bad and the drawn lines were a bit shaky, but it is a good flash.

Work on your graphics

This whole thing is acctually built with an ok idea. The theme is great and I love the voiceacting and the characters too. The biggest flaw with the movie is it's graphics. It looks like you have done graphics in photoshop and then imported them into flash. Too bad you made it in such a poor way, the outlines on the characters are horrible. Maybe you should try to add more detail to them and try to blur them in photoshop. Sorry for being so rued, but the animation is horrible too. It doesn't just look good when you simply drag them without using any proper animation. Maybe you should try to set some fitting backroundmusic too.

snigglez responds:

You should yell at my brother. He really needs to take an art class or something. OR something. In all honesty, we didn't want it to look like everything else. Hence the crap. Or so we like to believe.

Impressive artwork

This truly is a work of art I love the style of the drawings and the frame by frame animation is greatly done. The series really are good but, as said, each episode is to short and really to pointles to brig the story forward. And I'm sure you can compress the filesize much more the allready done. Also try to work a bit more on the sounds. The voiceacting is in fact pretty bad.


Well that sure was a unique flash and really different from most stuff here. Graphics were pretty good to and the music really gave a special feeling to the movie. Can't say I really liked it though.

mchawking responds:

yeah i kinda made up the movie around the music track... I was just all zoned out thinking of funny things when I was listening to it.

Not bad

Well the 3D graphics were well done, and I love the whole feel for the movie. It looked great when they shot, and the msic fitted well. On the other hand this contained nothing but these great graphics, and was just another pointless preview, there for the low score.


I really hated this. The animation was allright, if not super cool. But the animation overall was complete crap, a guy farting? It is not funny.

Cool story

First off I want too tell you that the narrating really sucks, and really loseas much of the overall impression.

Other then that I was pretty pleased with this cartoon. Drawings were well done and the story was nice too, even if not very funny. I also liked the design of the characters.

Sir-Eatsalot responds:

Well, i don't have a microphone and to only have one night to submit this to my multimedia class... I went with text aloud. I'm not a funny guy... AND IF YOU THINK I AM! WELL YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... well no I'm pretty sure I'm not funny.


You definatly have talent as an artist, and I enjoyed this cartoon very much. Very nice drawings, the artwork is very unique, and great style overall. I would ha have liked it better if there were some more animation though. Good soundtrack too.

hansdampf responds:

And I see myself more as an illustrator than as an animator, if i would have theese two options to choose from, because I love drawing in Photoshop. But, I'll try to develop my animation skills in flash.


I really thought that that was awsome. Great effort and you definatly have lots of talent, I know from experience it's very hard to make frame by frame animation as fluid as you did it. Some sort of backround would be necessary though.


It was allright, but it was just too pointless. The graphics were good, but maybe you could could work a bit more on the movements of the character, they felt very unatural.


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