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A good start

The graphics and aniamtion is really good. The style is neat too, I just wish it all would be longer. It stops right after starting to get interesting.

Zwickel responds:

Thanks for the comments, well, it is a short. :s
Maybe a sequel can be coming...

Better then the first Jam

Dim: 7/10
Grapics were nice awsome frame-by-frame colourfull artwork. Music for thisone was however a bit annoying. Overall good.

Dan: (6/10)
Good. I knew it wouldn't be bad, but I would have expected more. Hey, it's SYNJ were talking about. Nothing wrong with the graphics, and the music was moody, I just don't like the extreme pointlesness. I got the feeling that Dan just took 10 seconds to come up with a plot (which BTW was almost the exact one as synjclock and the hospital) and used his popular name.

Shawn: (9/10)
This one was my favorite. The graphics were great, nice how he could make such awsome 3D graphics simply in flash. Great style too.

Pinnicle: (6/10)

This movie wasn't bad, the story I'm sure was very orignal. I just couldn't stand waching it. The graphics looked childish.

T0MMY: (6/10)

Didn't really like this submission either. The graphics were good, gotta love the black&white. Very nice aniamtion of the blood too. However quite frankly I hated the concept.

This Jam is ok, It's enjoyable, but it really isn't the best around. The artists are talented, but there are too much halfdone entries that aren't enjoyable too watch.


Not too bad for a movie. The concept is kinda orignal. Graphics looks nice but needs finetuning. I would also consider a higher framerate and faster movements, more scenes, different colors, zooming etc. to build up the intesity. The animation and the music didn't match. The end scene was nice.

Not bad

The style for this is good. It's a very good and original idea too make characters out of the old soviet symbol. I liked the noir style in the prestation in the begining.

This is an enjoyable short, however, the joke is a bit poor. I also though you have some music in the background, and it would be nice if there was more then one scene.


Tihs is a very boring movie. Matrix jokes really start to get annoying. I didn't laugh once watching this movie, I didn't even make grin. This movie is dull and boring, and I had to shut it of becuase it was so bad.


Even though this movie is neatly done, still these kind of -stolen- and ugly NES graphics look awful. I don't understand why people have to have Mario or the Matrix in every single movie. Everything about this movie is bad, not funny at all. Just terribly dull.


This movie was ok for as madness tribute. I liked the western theme and that it didn't narrow itself by only using "madness" graphics, only 2d that is, and instead used a lot of colors and different views. Nice and detailed backgrounds.

The graphics were ok, but the graphics are still "shaky", I would prefer if they were smooter. It looks better.

Exellent chioce of music, I heard you used the "Savior song". And the ending was powereful and moody. The style is great, just work with smoothening your art.

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks a lot for the motivating review.
I'm glad you liked the western theme, I knew I wouldn't have had enough time if I had made exact madness style and animation. The graphics are shaky (in the fight) because I skipped a little scene, but whatever. I could have worked on the smoothiness though. I'm glad you liked the music too, the beauty of the movie resides a lot in it. I love this 'Savior song', even though I just don't know the title, I used Windows Recorder to get it...
Thanks for the hyper-motivating review!:)


How do you do it Mr_Luis?! You have lots of talent.

Needs work

This is not very good. The sounth park inspired graphics needs work, and so does the overall concept. The plot is pointless, only some people trying to shoot eachother. Music got extremely anoying. It got extremely annonying with the buttons too.

Pretty neat

I didn't think this movie was bad. I liked the graphics, even though they were very simple. The scenerys looked nice, na dthe view from inside was intruguing. Overall it's very well done. I really like the part when he gets hit by the train. Maybe it would be good if there was some good soundtrack in the backround though. I miss some good tunes. Keep up hte good work.


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