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Thought I sucked

I really hated this. Very unfunny, and I didn't even see alot of changes from the first one.


Definatly a respectable flash. Graphics are unbelievebly smooth and the voiceacting is great too. Funny but not hilarious though.

Nice style

Even though I've seen some of the previous episodes I can't say that I have been following the series. But I liked this very much, and after seeing this It might just be a change of that. I liked the style, and the stroy is great and seem very advanced. I liked your characters, and the music was splendid. I didn't like all the reading though, and I would really prefer voiceacting. Then again that might not be you style.

Artwork was allright, but sometimes when they are walking it looks pretty akward. Sometimes it more looks like they are dancing, when their heads and body are facing to different directions. I also think that you could try using the paintbrush instead of only using the pencil, It would really bring a fresh look to the movies. I also got the feeling that a lot of the artwork was recycled, maybe you could try having the different characters drawn in different ways.

Anyways, It's a great cartoon, I really liked your scenerys and the style is great.

Could have been better

The graphics were very good, looked a bit like Kol or Scarydoll's artwork. I liked the overall style of this flash and visually it looked ver professional. The story was good, even if you didn't create it yourself.

Narrating pretty much sucked alt through, I couldn't hear most of what the guy said, and the way he talked destroyed much of the style of the entire flash accctaully and made that you couldn't really concentrate on the plot. Maybe you could have subtitles. The music was very good and moody though.


I hated this. I just hated the graphics, and I couldn't hear their voices too...

Nice 3D

This was exactly what I thought It ould be when I saw the title, I was amused, but this was pretty pointless and unoriginal. The graphics are really good, but I wish there acctaully was some physical violence.

Weird style

Thjis movie was not bad. Very random but I kinda liked the style and the music was good. Try to make the pictures less pixely though

nazibomb responds:

well the only pixelated images were of star wars kid, and the bunny.

the bunny was purposfully pixelated, star wars kid was just enlarged.

Need work

The story is pretty pointless and cliché. Graphics were avarage, maybe you could have tried to make the rain in alpha though. And make the aniamtion run more smoothly too, and the voiceacting and sounds, you really gotta do something about that.

Neat, but needs improvement

I really liked the graphics for this cartoon. The style also, great. I also liked how you had taken the effort to find fitting voiceactors, even if their voices wasn't perfect. I didn't like how they never moved their mouths either. This is not Foamy.

HenTyler responds:

Mouths will be in the next episode. I just didn't have time for them in this one, and I hate going back and changing something I've already finished. =O


That was a great musicvideo. I really like the style and the artwork is really impressive.


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