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Not bad

Nice work. Music in the preloader was a bit disturbing though, but I liked the graphics and it was a very oumerous flash to watch, even if a bit short.


Amazing work there. Music is rather good and i liked the aniamtion and artwork. However it did stop a bit quick. The rain on the windows are greatly made. Nice direction and I really loved the idea with raindrop> light > bird. Very moving, and very inspiring.


This flash is truly amazing. Inspiring work, best flash I've seen this week. I loved the style. The graphics werent perfect but I really liked the mood, great choice of music. Great plot and great directing. Great job!


Great graphics, and great style too. The music fitted niceley, a bit Austinpowereish. I liked the characters and their voices too.

Nice work.

Nothing original by the fact that two stickmen are fighting eachouther in a "Matrix" -theme, but this flash is brilliant. I loved the effects, and the graphics are amazing cosidering the limits in flash.

Rather good

Nice art, and the cartoon i overall pleasing for the eye and pretty amusing. I would have prefered if it was longer though.


Well nice flash, I really enjoyed the frame by frame and the phoshoped images and music really set a great mood. Nice.


Great work all of you.

Sketch_Michaels: And original and good looking flash, really liked the graphics, great cartoonish artstyle. And nice use of photoshop.

Regis_Cartoons: Nice work I really liked the design of the motorcycle and the photoshoped backgrounds looked great. Great concept to.

Livecorpse: A nice and original flash. Very unique to see a flash from an ants perspective. Grerat graphics and awsomely fluid animation. Nice work with photoshop here too.

boxkittenclock: In my opinion not the greatest flash but not bad at all. Or maybe I just don't like sprites.

Nice shit people

I liked it. Unfortunaly the song was not more then ok, but the animation was really fluid and went great with the animation. Nice to see so many different styles too.

J-Smooth responds:

Yes thanks a bunch kospas the group sends thier thanks for the positive review. Its too bad you didn't like the song much because that was the biggest debate in the process of making this movie. Choosing a song that can be enjoyed by everyone in the portal. Unfortunatly it is impossible to do that but be on the look out for the second installment which will have a new song. :)

Thanks again


It's not my kind of humor, I didn't really laugh nce. Nice graphics and sound, but I didn't like how you bashed Elvis in such a grotesque way.


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