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A unique sprite movie.

It was allright. The graphics, even if only sprites, were allright, and the animation was pretty nice too. Liked the way that you mixed sprites and screenshots from cs. The gunfire from the sniper looked pretty bad though and didn't fit with the other animation.

Soundeffects were great, but I would consider having the gunshots on a very low volume and having a good soundtrack in the backround. The story was pretty good, even if pretty pointless and it all just seemed like a big fight that never stopped.

Gotta love that music

Well it's really good movie. I always enjoy NG stuff that differs, and are about something else then sex, violence or NES characters. (even if them can be good too).

The style was great and the black and white theme was great too. A very original Noir mobie I guess. The drawings and animations were allright, but occasionally seemed rushed, overall good but not perfect.

I really enjoyed the story though, it was solid and easy to identify yourself with. Music was great, even though I can't remember from which movie I've seen it before from... Titanic I think. GREAT music nonetheless, and the music wa in perfect sync with the animation.

Solid voiceacting.

Another overall nice flash, even though I don't have such a strong hate for mr Bush as you seem to do ;). Voiceacting is good as always and I must say I laughed hard quite a few times. "Pay attention to the war- The war I tell you". Priceless. Even though I heard what they said, the french was a bit hard to understand, and I really missed subtitles. Optional if possible.

The art though, sorry for still being so picky, is pretty bad. The title says Slideshow, but the here really is a lack of animation, and even though said before, the voiceacting is funny, it really gets a bit slow just to watch that photographs.

Also, I don't really like your choice of colors; light yellow mised with clear red and purple. Abit work with your art and layout would really be gold to your cartoons. Even though it's the acctual core of the movie, the graphics are very important. Very important.

If you want I would like to contribute your graphics. Would you be interested in a co-operation? Prolly get solid ;). Anyway thuglimit@hotmail.com

TheOtherTruth responds:

Thank you for your review.

I know that slideshows are a risk because of the lack of animation. I was surprised that it did as well as it did.

I know that it is not my A-game, but overall I can live with it. My voice is in and out. First thing in the morning it is very solid, but by night (when I do most of the audio) it has been weak

Thank you for the offer of cooperation. I will definately consider that! Any help is a plus. I will go take a look at your stuff to get a feel for your style.

Thanks again for the review (I will probably review a few of yours soon) ;)


Well this certainly looks very promising, I really like the whole concept of this, and you art is magnificent. Also the story seems pretty good. You definatly need sound though, It ruins the overall impression, and the jokes are hard to understandand ind funny when there is no sound either. I also prefer not to have to click for every new dialog. Maybe you would try to get rid of the lines in the top and the bottom too.

Great job overall. Looking forward too the next episode... WITH SOUND ^_^


Well it was a pretty good animation and all, but the flash is really to pointless and short.

Fun stuff, Again.

I honestly belive that you are a comic genious. I find very few stuff on NG funny, and your stuff always great.Even if your drawings aren't perfect, I like your designs of your characters, they really fit well with their voices. The timing of the entire cartoon is perfect too. Great job, and thanks for submitting this cartoon.


Another lousy spritemovie to the collection. Unoriginal crap that have been done a million times times. Only inspiration is the pointless voilence. It's crap.

Holy Christ this is too good!

Wow great movie theree again. I really dig your style. Great job on the colors and drawings, and the frame-by-frame artwork is exellently done. The music is very good, and makes the animation very powerful.

Waiting with eager for ep.1.


Wow. I think your quite an amazing flash artist. Drawings are wonderful, and I really like your kinda unique style. Got a bit dissapointed that it ended so quickly though, I really enjoyed it. Great music too. :) keep flashing

Really good

It was really cool. Great drawings, and solid concept.


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