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Pretty bad, even for a trailer.

Sorry but that was bad.This trailer was utterly pointless and didn't give high expecteactions for the acctual series. The lack of animation made this pretty boring to watch, also the sentences were tweened in a bad way. The part were DeamonClock farted was stupid. I don't like trailers and I don't like this animation.

MonsterMunchClock responds:

Blah blah blah

This is good

Wow. I wish that my first flashes would look like that... Seriously, I really respect people that take the time to make such detaild frame-by-frame animation. And It looked good too, I loved the design of the ... ehrr.. monster. You definatly have an artistic talent, all you gotta do now Is learn how to animate properly, get reall story and you will have a awsoem flash.

OCP-Lock responds:

Wow,thanks a lot man. That monster was a picture of Venom that I got off of the Internet. I thought that it was pretty cool, so I printed it out and drew it. I have been working on animating my flashes, but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment. Hopefully some time soon, I will actually make a flash that makes it through the portal again. In the meantime, I will keep working to get better at Flash.


Very good. Almost like the Newgrounds Jam. Music were pretty good and good animations too. I esspecially liked Nightfall, nice with the Mario references.

Anyways I was thinking If I could be in the next installation of the Audioportal, If you had one planned. I would be glad to make a contribution.

Livecorpse responds:

Yeah man that would be cool. i like ur art style.
We're planning another episode of this, but wanna make it even better. might as well outdo ourselves, eh? well anyways if u wanna collaberate add me to ur AIM or get it if u dont have it im "Livecorpse66" on that


Well the flash itself isen't bad, graphics were good, even if the graveyard were badly drawn. I liked the music too.

The plot is pretty poor though. So the moral of the story was "Don't submit flash if it will get blammed". Quite frankly I hated how drew paralels with the holocaust.

Flash, or even NG is not anything holy, and if your first submissions are blammed it really doesn't matter. Atleast you have tried to make a flash...

JoeandTom responds:

yes, but it was an attempt to be good. You should always see what your friends/family whatever think first before submiting if you think its great, just to see what other people will think. And I wasn't trying to make it a "holy" flash, I just related to the holocaust with the amount blammed.. some info thats all

But thanks for the review kospas :D


Great movie there once again. I remember when I saw your post about quitting I was so sad... But this submission really made my day.

Great, original graphics. Super voiceacting. Extremely funny. Everthing is top notch. I love this!


Eddie, don't care bout all the morons dissing your work. You are a great artist, and very funny too. This is one the funniest movies on NG, Seriously. Great job on the facial expressions, and music is GREAT!

eddiebalin responds:


Sweet dude!

This was a very good short. I liked it's simplicity, stuff really don't have to be 5 minutes long to be good. Not every day you see a flash made with Exit signs too.

Great music too, even if I haven't got the slightest idea who they are. They sounded a bit like Die Prinzen hehe.

Even if not your best, it's real nice work.

HeRetiK responds:

you're welcome.

Very Good.

This was an awsome cartoon. I loved the style, and the drawings and characters were magical. Great voiceacting. Very funny, ocasionally hilarious. I'm glad it had a good ending.

I dunno

Well this kind of stuff have been done a million times before, and the acctual "joke" only got annoying. Visually this flash is well done, and the sounds are good too.


It wasn't a bad movie, I don't think I've seen a movie about anorexia yet. It was quite touching, and the song fitted well with the animation. I really wished it would have been longer though, an had some more animation.


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