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Ok engine, but nothing special

Yeah, nothing sspecial, just an oridinary Pong-game, but the engine is rather good, and for a 5.4 kb game it's really cool. Graphics could have been a bit more interesting though, the pods could have had niftier design and there could be be cool backgrounds. Could use some sound though, and next time try to have _something_ unique with your version of the game.

Pretty fun

It was fun. Nothing special though, and bit stressful how you couldn't stop your pad, you got the feeling that you were running on soap lol.

Not a bad idea...

Well it's really a great idea, and I like when people find alternate uses of basic dressup games. I think that you need some more stuff though, and i gets a bit slow and boring just too put stickers on you board. You need some music too, and It would be wonderful if you could acctually test your board...

Mycket kul

Dwt var ett mycket roligt spel. Grafiken var väl sådär, även fast vapnen var snyggt gjorda. Etär också ganksa enkelt, men det är väldigt roligt att spela och stilenär suverän.

fabelmakaren responds:

Tackar för det... Spelet är ju inte rikigt hundra, men jag orkade inte pilla mer med det :-) Ska göra nått bättre till nästa år. God jul!

Not bad

But the game really is nothing new. Basicly the same concept as stick RPG, with less interactivity. It was kinda fun though, but the music gets extremely annoying.

It's fun

I'm not a big fan of spritemovies, but this was acctually quite fun. The graphics were in fact good, and so was the style. It's a very fun adventuregame, even if it's built up with a basic button engine. I hated that the bosses name was was mr big though, really gave me an unpelasant feeling of this being connected to Sex&theCity...

Interesting idea

It's fun how you have created a quite unique game with simple dressup techniques. The graphics are really good and also very accurate comparing to the series. It was good that you both could drag the persons head and their whole body. I also like the idea that you can both enlarge and rotate your characters and that you can make them say stuff. Some more music options would be good though.


A bit diferent game I guess. It wasn't bad, but it also gets boring after a few seconds. It fels like you could have done so much more of this; get the tiles change shapes, get them change colors or even make each tile represent a tone that plays everytime you touch it. That would be kinda neat. I would also have liked it better if you could loop the diferent presets. Neat with some backround music too...

Yeah you did mention that this didn't really have a point and that exactly what I think this game is- pointless.

Reminded me of XiaoXiao No.4.

A solid shooting game I guess and I liked it alot. Great graphics and a fun game overall. Maybe make their guns sound too, it was a bit unclear when they acctually hit you.

Nothing special

Well It's an ok dressup, but I don't see why this should be better then the other thousands of dressups on NG. This, exept for that the girl was drawn in such a unique B&W style, wasn't original in any way.

I would really like it if there was some music too...


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