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Not bad

Pretty good for a movie less then 60kb. Nice job with graphics. Wasn't really funny, the whole movie was only this one poor joke, but I guess that it made me smile.

Sage6868 responds:

I suppose.


This movie is bad. No admirers o either true flash or art would like this only CS geeks would find it amusing. Its all sad.

george-kelly-johnson responds:

you are apparently very oblivious if you believe what you just typed

damn you idiots, damn you all to hell

Not so good

Drawings were overall ok, but they were also kinda "shaky" and animation could a times be rough. I really felt like you could take some time to finetune your backrounds too. There were a lot of lines and stuf that could be removed.

The looped sound got a bit annoying too. I liked the style, but it was to short and too pointless. Nice with some voiceacting. I thought the voices were abit peculiar though ;). The end was very strange.

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks for the good critisism.
Graphics and animation were shaky, as usual, I really am not an animation god, but I hope it will come with time and practice ;) . Finetune backgrounds ? What do you mean ? To make them better ? I run out of ideas very quickly on how to make them look "more alive". I LOVED the loop sound lol. It's short because I don't like big file sizes, and as said before, run out of ideas, and good ideas take skills and time, wich are too precious and I don't have lol. I'm also proud of the voices ... Did them myself ! lol. Peculiar ? What's that mean ?
Thanks for the review !

Snyggt jobbat

This flash catoon is exelently done. I love the style, and the artwork and aniamtion is great. Deserves a score of <4.00.

Better then I expected

The remake of the "One ring" was very unfunny, but I really liked the behind the scenes and te trailer was good. Made me smile, which is unusual for a LF cartoon.

Rather good

I liked this animation. Style was cool. A diferent kind of noir movie I guess. Nice with the mysterious pianomusic in the backround. Animation is solid.

Paint it black!

Graphics wer rather original and the concept is smooth. Not to funny but not boring either. I liked the interactivity part and I see you ahve spend alot of effort on this animation. Keep flashing.

Riotcomix-2006 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed watching the animation nonetheless rating the Humor a 5. It took me three months going back onto the project and going off to work on school and family related concerns. I know I came up with the idea of UFO STOP in December 2003. Thank you commenting again.

Great job

This movie rules. Sriously I love the graphics and style. Great directing and great plot too. The only problem I have with the whole thing is that you took the concept- Im pretty sure you didn't invent TMNT yourself. Maybe some more bonus material would be cool too, pictures from te production, deleted scenes etc...

Ringfinger ripoff anyone?

Graphics were indeed awfully smooth and looked really profecional, but what an obvious ripoff of Ringfingers work. Only someone that made such an obvious ripoff would write "Inspiration and style: Yourself".


What a masterpiece. I loved exactly every second of it. A very funny parody of Ng. I liked how to draw piconjo and piconjo vs. pico. haha great jobs


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