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This was an experimental piece I guess. I liked the graphics and the concept is good, nice music too. I'm not a big fan of sprites, but this was actually made with style.

Fun to look at

This movie was very nicely made. In graphics and layout that is. I really like the Flash_Bros inspired artwork. Amazing how you could make something like this in less then 15 minutes.

The story though, is very lacking, and I honestly didn't get the point either. I thought atleast you could wirte so that you actually could read the text.

JESTERanimations responds:

actually, ive never seen any flash bros stuff... this was inspired by don hetzfert... or however you spell his name... could you im me a link?

Good graphics

This is, honestly, not much of a preview. Too short and extremely pointless. I thought the graphics and style were amazing though, and if you made the entire movie like this scene you have a winning concept.

different style

This wasn't what I had expected, but it wasn't bad. Graphics were good, and I liked how you had made it in a japaese style. Nice syncing too, and I liked the characters.

Work on the graphics

Well this cartoon was average. Nice with the voiceacting, but not too funny. Nice with an actual story too. I thought te graphics could use some work too.

Pretty nice... but it had no point.

Well not bad. The artwork was amazing, and the style was good. However, this was utterly pointless, and when it started to get interesting. I also thought there was a lack of "real" animation.


This is a really good movie. A bit pointless, and you have no idea why they are fighting. Nice choice of music too. I missed the colors tho.

This is very awesome and fluid frame by frame animation which only the one that holds lots of talent can achieve.

Nice start

This looks really good. Very smooth for the eye to watch. But without any sound and without any real storyline this is poor. You have talent though.


For some reason this flash made me sick, but in an inspiring way. Neat aniamtion overall.

Nice style

I really liked the style of the movie. The soundtrack was exellent, nad I liked the characters and the voiceacting was good. The artstyle was coherent, but I wish that you would have worked some more with the actual drawings of the characters. The backrounds however were exellently done. Great ending too, I loved when they flew away haha.


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