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Good damn dressup!

This isreally good stuff. Lots, lots of stuff to change and really nice looking clothes. I really like this being made by a girl rather then some sort of internet pervert as it ussually is.

Great game.

This must be the funniest game ever. I just can't stop playing this. Good graphics, awsome gameplay. This game has everything.


This game was.. truly amazing. I loved the graphics and the gameplay is solid. Could use some more sounds like in Monkey island "I can't use the straw for that" etc. I'm from sweden so that this game wa about a swede was extra fun.


This game was pretty mediocre, the aiming was very bad, graphics weren't spectacular and sound was annoying. Some holes semed impossible. For some reason I found this game kinda fun though, and thats a start.


Great graphics

That was really some awsome graphics, and nice with so much interactivity. A real adventuregame or shotter with these kinda graphics would be awsome.

However it got boring quite quick, and the drumsounds got annoying too. How about some neat backround music?


That was a great game, it was realy fun to play and never got slow or boring. Your best game definatly. Even though the game was great, the name "behind enemy lines" was a bit misleading hence I thought it was a WWII game. Great use of sprites too, liked the arcade kind of feeling. I wish that the laserbeams would have been made in sprites to. The yucky red lines kinda ruined abit of the style. Neat design of the ship and it was good that it rotated when you moved it. Oh yeah and Great music too. This game feels like an LSD rush. Frontpage next for you.

Goatchrist responds:

Your sarcasm hurts :_(


I liked the graphics but the game itself was a bit poor. It got boring and repetive very quickly, and it more felt like you were clicking the cowboys instead of shooting them. The sound made it uniteresting, and that there were only one level was cheap. Needs some originality, humor and pace.

Good improvement

This game rocks. I love the concept, so easy, but still I could play for hours. The graphics have been improved and this makes the game funnier to play. I liekd the part when you traveled. I reall missed sound and music though.

However, I feel like there really wasn't much extra stuff to this then in the first version. Maybe you could have the player to chose different modes like "Rookie", "Pimp" etc. The offer about getting a bigger trunk came to seldom, and after I returened all the money to the butcher, there didnt seem to be much "raids" and stuff either.

Maybe you could have stuff that gets unlocked after you reach 1,000,000, like a new state. One thing that als owould be cool if when you were shooting the copps, an interactive shooter started. These are all ideas, try new stufff, and don't feel like you have to be limited just because you are making a remake of the old game.

Nice concept, but it gets boring

I liked the graphics alot, but the sound got annoying. The actual game got boring pretty quick too.

MindChamber responds:

Sorry Dude, but I guess we're even... your flashs are annoying and boring too..

we try and do better next time, but only if you will;-)

Very funny

Well this game really was easy, but that made it fun. Graphics are ok, I liked the original desing of the characters. Its a fun game, however the soundloop got a bit annoying.


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