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Neither funny or entertaining

Myself being a fan of original work, found this cheap Star Wars spoof very boring. The graphics look unprofessional, and are very unpleasant to watch.


Thats really good for the first using flash. (For some reason I do beliee you). Great job with the anime drawings of the girl and neat look overall. Just needs to be longer, and have just the tiniest of a plot.

Very good

Great movie there.it was really artistic and fun to watch. Good music, good animation. Great. Stopped a bt too early though.

FireHound responds:

thank you

Wow that was really good

That flash was awsome. Much funnier then yaafm series. The man arms alyssa milano freaked me out. Great work dude, one of your best works.


What's so great about it?

This movie wasn't bad, but it doesn't deserve such a high score. Maybe it's becuase I'm not a big fan of FF, but I really found this dull and boring. The artwork was overall good, but I wouldn't say this looked like something by, say chluaid, the pencilsstrokes were often very shaky.


TRuly amazing work. I loved every second of it. Graphics were unique and well done, very good song and the story was not only god, but went perfect with the music.

AloneInTheDark responds:

:) The story goes so well with the music because while i was listening to this song i was creating the entire movie in my head. The music was the base for this flash, not the other way around.


That was a great movie. Graphics were neat and I liked te style too, GREAT music. Keep up the good work.

Viddy well broher, viddy well.

That was infact pretty cool. Style was awsome and the narrating great too, I really like the world you came into. Graphics were pretty neat, the backrounds were very detailed, nice work with photoshop there. Nice with the waterfall and I liked the light from above. Birds flying looked realistic and gave a good mood to the story. However the animation of the elf needs work. I could tell you had mixed photoshop graphics with flash graphics, like you had made his body in PS and his head in flash. This really doesn't look good, his body looks stiff and really doesn't fit with the head. The elf also played the his flute longer then the music went on. And when he stoped "playing" he moved an inch, this really doesn't look smooth. I liked the overall apperance, nice job on his grins and facial expressions, that and the voice gave the elf a good personality. The voice however, ddn't go in sync with the subtitles, I'm not sure if you streamed the voices, if you didn't- do it.

Keep on flashing, I see alot of creativy here.

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks ! Glad you rather liked it. I did put some hard time in the graphics and script, and I wanted to put some kind of atmosphere in it (watefall, beam of light, birds ...). I didn't really use PS though. I drew my backgrounds with Flash, and used the "Gaussian Blur" feature of PS to make them look distant, that's all lol, and the elf is 100% Flash too! And there are indeeds loads of flaws with the music synching as much as the lip synching and subtitles and all that. But they gave me such a hard time, that I sort of gave up. And nope, I didn't stream the sounds, if I did, they just didn't worked. Weird.
Thanks for the motivating review.

Frontpage material

That was truly inspiring. Graphics are superb, and the story was original and funny. Music fitted well. I would like it if the maidens were looking a bit better in their faces though, and I really missed the nipples lol.

SketchMichaels responds:

Front page would be awesome, hasn't happened for me in a while now. Those poor, nippleless women.

I was trying to keep it a little decent :)


Thanks for the review

Great movie

I love the style. Great graphics too.


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